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Sarah Shoham: Yearning (2007)

Sarah Shoham: Yearning (2007)

Ron Merhavi – Double Bass

Thoughts about my works "Yearning"

"Art is impossible without heritage…" (Albert Camus)

The works express a yearning for a place that was here once, not so long ago, a place where everything was possible and wrapped in a dream. Longing, even if not fulfilled, leads us to a better place within us, a place of talking to the inner self, a place of love for the dreaming and daring self.

In these works I have a dialogue with the landscape.

I composed the first one inspired by "Fields in the Valley" (1950), Lyrics: Levi Ben-Amitai, Composer: Ephraim Ben-Haim. The second is inspired by "Legend", lyrics: Yaakov Fichman, Composer: Hanina Karczewski and the third inspired by "My Field is still Blooming", Lyrics: Fanya Bergstein, Composer: David Zehavi.

It is a work with a spatial musical identity that maintains inner mobility and a fertile dialogue between East and West. East and West are not opposites but merge equally and form a multi-voiced musical identity.

The work's connection to folk song does not stem from a longing for the past but from a yearning for spiritual fit, a longing for innocence that is the mother of the human connection and re-establishes the taste of forgotten childhood, in which, as Rina Litvin says,

'The lemon smells like lemon,

the flowers give their fragrance

and the world overcomes its banality.

A world in which life meets with its interpretation.'

This is not nostalgia.

It is a search for meaning and depth in life existence.

It is not to be tempted to the obvious and available visible above the surface.

It is to be a hunter of the sounds hidden from the ear.

It is to be attentive to the spirit and create as the native of this bubbling place.

Give different ethnic capillaries a way out of the classic work.

Be pluralistic and able to live with multiple meanings.

Sarah Shoham, September 2007


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