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Hidden Treasures: Ron Merhavi & Eyal Bat at the 2023 ISB Convention in Michigan

The International Society of Bassists presents

Hidden Treasures

Ron Merhavi – Double Bass

Eyal Bat – Piano

Tuesday, June 6, 2023 Macintosh Recital Hall

ISB Convention, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

André Hajdu (1932–2016): Kaddish (1984/ 2010)

Yehezkel Braun (1922–2014): Sonata for Bass and Piano (2003)

I Introduzione

II De Profundis

III Variazioni

Menachem Bensussan (1901–1970): Four Sephardic Songs, trans. Ron Merhavi

Durme, Durme (Sleep, sleep)

Sleep, sleep, beautiful maiden/ Without anxiety, without pain Listen, my love, to the strains of my guitar/ Listen to my gloomy singing Say, will you love me? If not — I shall die.

Enriva De La Tu Seja (Above your eyebrows)

Above your eyebrows I will build a sanctuary, to which I will sing my morning prayers. Spill water on your threshold, I will slip and fall so that your parents will come out and know me.

El Rey ke Muntscho Madruga (The King who arose early)

The king who arose early to the queen’s quarters went. The queen’s hair was loose as she gazed at the mirror; The king hugged her from behind. Let go, my love, two of my sons are yours and two by the king... suddenly, she looked at the mirror and realized the King is next to her. Forgive me, Sir – I must have been dreaming.

Esta Armada Ke Viene (Among the approaching group)

“Among the approaching group of beautiful girls, my beloved is that one dressed in red.” (Beloved): “Thirty liras he asked for, and I gave him thirty one. A good profession he has, he’s a thief and a gambler.”

Eyal Bat (b. 1966): Three Thoughts (2009)

I Thriller

II Swing

III Choral

Encore – Jan Freidlin (b. 1944):

Mist over the Lake (1985/2009)


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